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of this debate tonight focused on the recent attack on lib i can't and the death of chris stevens. channel 12. >> debate watchers are weighing in on two candidates performances tonight. live with the democratic reaction to tonight's debate? >>> frank, about 100 people were here to watch the debate tonight. there was quite a bit of applause for the president. it is a room full of democrats. they did seem to appreciate more of the tow to tow exchanges between the former governor romney. some high fives on one of the occasions when president obama accused romney of not telling the truth of his plan. let's talk to some of the people here who were watching the debate. shelly, you are running for a supervisor. you are a democratic candidate. what are your thoughts. >> it was great to see the president come out and really talk about his policies and what he has done and what he has been successful in over the last four years. for me as a local candidate, i'm really excited to hear him continuing to talk about healthcare reform and how it will affect us here locally. >> do you feel he was more combat
at the ceremony taking place right now in city hall. stevens death and the investigation into what happened is expected to come up in tonight's presidential debate. for now friends, family and strangers are gathered here at city hall to celebrate his life and his achievements. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> today's service began with a tribute video to ambassador stevens. the video features chris stevens introducing himself as the ambassador to libya. it mentioned his accomplishments in the middle east. chris also expresses his accomplishments in libya. >>> there are a lot of things you can say about chris stevens one of them is he always seemed to be smiling. rita williams got to know his parents and today they shared stories about their son. including why his family called him ambassador years before he became a real ambassador. >> reporter: as chris stevens parents told me a few weeks ago they wanted to be sure that today this is a celebration of their son's life not how he died. >> that's chris as a brand new baby. >> reporter: his proud mothe
stevens. >> it took the president 14 days. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact, sir. let me call it. >> can you say it a little louder? >> reporter: the finger pointing continued over the economy. >> governor romney doesn't have a five point plan. he has a one-point plan. that is to make sure folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> i look at what's happened in the last four years and say this has been a disappointment. we can do better than this. we don't have to settle for how many months, 43 months with unemployment over 8%. >> reporter: both traded barbs. >> i want to get america's economy going again. 54% of america's workers work in businesses that are taxed as individuals. >> reporter: we -- >> we haven't heard from the governor any specifics -- >> reporter: the president was often ready with a counter punch. >> i'll crack down on china. >> you're the last person who's going to get tough on china. >> reporter: both seemed to do enough for many of their supporters to claim victory. >> thank you. from eric we turn to jana katsuyama. >> reporter: this was not a part
in alameda, allie rasmous, account news. >>> a rally for scheduled at city hall this afternoon for stevens. he was one of four americans killed during the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. stevens glue up in the bay area, graduated from piedmont high school. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 4:30 in the city hall rotunda but the setup is already underway. this is from this morning. team coverage is today on account channel 2 news at 5:00. we'll also stream it live on ktvu.com. again the public is invited. >>> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking responsibility for security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the obama administration has been criticized for reportedly denying requests for increased security at the consulate prior to the attack. secretary clinton says she has appointed an independent panel to investigate the attack on the conse. >>> san francisco giants heading to the midwest now. bound for st. louis where they will play game three of the national league championship series tomorrow. new at noon, kristen is live at sfo where the g
of this plane and your window just gets completely covered up by the mud? >> oh, really? like this look, steven? >> yes. exactly. this is exactly what you're referring to. >> oh -- ah. oh my -- >> that's grow. >> looks like a bird just took a dump on the window. >> a big bird. >> i really feel we should start a kick-starter page for this airport that they can get some pavement. can you imagine landing in this mud? skidding all over the place? >> tell me there is a paved runway underneath all this mud? >> hey, i don't know. and, b, i don't think so. this was a very remote part of eastern russia. i heard that it's really beautiful this time of year. >> look how green it is. >> there goes your view, though, if you planned on looking out the window for the rest of your flight. >> there goes your heart. you see that fly up on your window. yeah, you're like, i'm not coming out of this. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >>> we know that will ferrell can dough weird really well. >> got that market cornered. >> i think he's out-weirded himself. ♪ >> what the heck is this? >> this is yet a
license plates. >>> new developments show the threat that chris stevens faced in benghazi. militias keeping order in the city threatened to quit over a political feud, accord fog a cable sent -- according to a cable stent on september 11th. >>> the bay area will pay tribute to chris stevens next week. next tuesday, more than 700 people are expected to attend a public memorial at san francisco's city hall. and then two days later, the california symphony will day tribute to a concert in walnut creek. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco later today to raise money for his re- election campaign. the president will begin the day in the central valley to dead -- for a -- for a deadcation. a dinner hosted by alice waters and then a concert with john legend follows. republican presidential momny, mitt romney is expected to deliver a foreign policy speech today at the virginia institute. coming up at 7:15, the changes that he says he would make and the results of the latest gallup pole in gal -- gallup poll. allie rasmus is live -- >>> alley rasmus live at a pumpkin weighoff. o
libya that killed chris stevens and three other americans. lawmakers want to investigate allegations that ambassador stevens requested additional security but his requests were denied. they also want to know how five security agents at the benghazi compound at the attack became separated from ambassador stevens. >>> more proof the denver debate may have turned the presidential race around for mitt romney. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a few more polls and the candidate's reaction. >> reporter: a new poll shows that mitt romney is now leading 4 points. that's a very big turnout. because another poll showed president obama up by 8 points just last month. there is a margin of error by 3 points. here's mitt romney in newport news, virginia sounding very upbeat about his chances for a win in four weeks. >> people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're gonna win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this! this is unbelievable! thank you so much! >> reporter: the obama campaign is out with a sarcastic new ad taking aim at romney's push to end subsidies
is so incredible -- >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> steven just fainted. >> come on, man. give us a warning. >> warning, steven. babies are being born. so the traffic in bangkok is so incredibly bad that 19 years ago, they started training their traffic cops in midwifery, because so many babies were being born in traffic jams on the way to the hospital. in fact, 107 babies have been born in traffic. on average, one baby per month. this particular traffic cop you're looking at here is mana decoxham who delivered 47 of those babies. >> "oughe ought to just go to medical school. grad they're trained in midwifery and that midwifery is a word. >> these 107 babies delivered over the past 19 year, all delivered safely, all doing well, including the most recent baby that was delivered. >> what happens after the baby is delivered? does she go back home or keep going to the hospital and e days later? >> what do you put on the birth certificate? >> born at the hospital. >> no, on the 402. >> right. in a hyundai. >> in the back of a taxicab. >>> this video we got from wsb-tv you can see a student in a
love this. >> i like steven's take better. >> daddy! >> oh no. >> that totally sucks. >> it's an alligator. >> wow, look at him go. >> he says thanks for catching that for me. >> free lunch. so not only is there a two-pound bass in this tiny pond, there's also an alligator. >> daddy! >> she's freaking out, she's like, oh, daddy! >> i would, too. i would think dad, look, i ught us hy's dinner and it was moving. >> that's going to ruin this kid's fishing experience for the rest of her life. >> she's never going to play in the yard. look how close it is to all the houses that are back there. >> that's so sad, you know she worked really hard to catch the fish. >> i want my lure back. >> we're giving away another ipad today. and in just a little while, we'll give you today's buzz word. >> we're giving away ipads, monday through friday. >> remember, when we give you tuesday's buzz word, you have to head over to our facebook page, facebo facebook.com/"right this minute." >> we'll give you tuesday's buzz word, and remember you have to be 18 years or older to play. to win a brand-new
. >> steven, don't even talk to me if you're not even 400 thread count. >>> it's time to reveal wednesday's buzzword in our "right this minute" ipad giveaway v. to be 18 or older to enter and have the buzzword. >> all right, steven. time for wednesday's buzzword. >> go to our facebook page to enter. >> and wednesday's buzzword is dashcam. >> one of our favorite words here on "rtm." head to our website and click on the ipad button. >> and enter wednesday's buzzword, dashcam, d-a-s-h c-a-m for your chance to win. >> he's back breaking dune famous halloween poem. >> trick-or-treat, smell my feet, the most horrible poem in history. >> why would you tell someone to smell your feet? boar. >>> it is time for a halloween battle. say it for me. >> -- versus dracula. >> this is actually dexter the kitten playing with -- the person of this video actually called the vampire. >> and kitten's really getting it. >> oh, yeah. dexter -- whoa. now, dexter, is he fighting or trying to make love to the vampire? >> two things going on here. i think kitten might have a crush and kitten's roughing him up a litt
. >> i want to see them hug it out. >>> steven's best. it is that time. halloween. >> perfect time for that. >> a couple of weeks before halloween, people need to really think about the costumes. this is the easiest, coolest costume ever. >> and it's tech-oriented. >> of course. >> that was the costume right there. >> ha was the costume. the megastomp gimmick. kind of an audio system. two basic pieces, one you hook to your pocket. the other hooks to your like waist band. plug them together and you have a little dial to select different sounds. you've got hydraulic giant robot. this one is kind of fun, it's for the people who are into singing in the rain. >> it soaround puddles. >> giant sound like the dead flesh moving around. >> crazy stuff. it's cool, i like this. >> that one could be like your godzilla. to find out how this works, we have our senior megastomp correspondent. and world champion trick-or-treater. >> hey, zach. >> happy halloween, you guys. >> how does which work, there's a speaker. and then there's a mini box, he attaches to his waist band and that has an accelerat
would eat this. >> really? >> okay, steven, then we're putting you to the test, on "right this minute." some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. >>> welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at rightthisminute.com. great videos all day long. >> football coaches spend hours and hours drawing up plays. it takes forever to make the playbook and at the end of the game, stuff like this happens. this is a broadcast from tv 2 at kent state university. ohio high school football, 48 seconds left. you've got the ravens versus the field falcons. in white, ravens, down, just under a minute to go. final play. it all comes down to this
find on our website, steven's got it for you. >> at it again. in this one you got it see. their prank are the best. 24 actors between the ages of 48 and 78 and set up an impromptu board meeting in the office chair department of a staples. >> oh. we're just conducting a meeting d. they actually have the board meet? watch it find out. >>> all you have to do, click on -- >> best of "rtm." >> i'm going to show you guy as really cool cheer from the 2012 homecoming game at the missouri university of science and technology. >> okay. so up goes -- great. and right behind her, you see a male cheerleader who's christopher, also get up and get ready for their cheer. cool stuff. right? >> well, they're both alumni from the university and look what he's supposed to do? he surprises her, because they're dating. he even does it on bended knee. >> that's crazy. >> this is actually a proposal cheer. they turn haround to face him. he proses. >> one way to keep fler runnihe running? >> and then they hug. to tell us, christopher is here on skype. how did you know that's how you want to propose? >> that's
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the u.s. consulate in benghazi foreshadowed ambassador chris steven's death. that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at devry.edu. and let nothing stand in your way. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is new developments a message sent the day ambassador chris step
. >>> mountain view police are warning people who walk or bike the stevens creek trail to be on alert. that is after a man was almost robbed. janine de la vega joins us now with newly released sketches of the suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the attack happened here near highway 85 and evelyn avenue on the stevens creek trail. this is a widely used trail and it's considered safe. police tell us for this to happen it's very unusual for the area. now this morning police are looking for a latino man that looks like this sketch. he's described in his mid 20s, 5'10" tall with a medium build and wearing dark clothing at the time. last tuesday a man was walking home on the stevens creek trail with his backpack in his hand when a suspect approached him from the back and tried to grab the back -- bag. there was a struck struggle and both men fell fell to the ground. the victim was able to get away and call 911. they are warning walkers to be aware of their surroundings. if you have any information about this incident, you are asked to call mountain view police. reporting
the state leaders to honor him today. >>> hundreds turned out to honor kief -- chris stevens' life. >>> they will deliver billions of dollars to california schools. proposition 38 is funded almost entirely by molly hunger. it raises taxes for four years and it will be for those who earn more than ever $0,000. prop 38 will raise $10 billion a year. >> 38, those two things that are very important, it raises 8 times more money for schools than 30 and all that new money for schools goes directly for cool on a bases. they say it will we ate budget hole making it worse before it gets better. and you will find all the latest election headlines, go for the news drop down menu. >> right now i want to look at the commute, sal? >>> all right, pam, dave, we are doing well starting off and northbound 101, as you approach the 880 split and there is no trouble coming in, there is just a little bit of a back up. usually the metering lights are on. this is a look at the san jose area and i am happy to tell you, we are off to a decent start. >>> there are some thunderstorms in the area, the cloud co
memorial for chris stevens is scheduled at san francisco's city hall this afternoon. 52-year-old stevens was one of four americans killed during the september 11th attack on u.s. consulate. he grew up in the bay area, and graduated from piedmont high school. the memorial is scheduled at 4:30 in the city hall row ton doe. >>> secretary of state, hilly clinton is taking responsibility for security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the obama administration has been criticized for denying requests for this prior to the attack. >> i take responsibility, i'm in charge of the state department, 60,000. the vice president and vice president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security officials. >> secretary clinton says she has appointed an independent panel to investigate the attack on the consulate. >>> the "new york times" reports that the pentagon and the state department want to help the libyan government create a commando force to comback extremists. last month congress approved shifting about $8 million from for aid to -- $8 million for aid for t
will hold a hearing looking into diplomatic security in libya that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the new information about the attack being released by the state department ahead of hearing this morning. >>> the man behind the antiislamic film innocence of muslims which sparked violence in many parts of the world is scheduled to appear in a los angeles courtroom today he was convicted in 2010 of bank fraud. prosecutors say they want his probation revoked. he lied to probation officers and used aliases. >>> new this morning from stockholm to stanford a bay area professor just won the nobel prize. matt keller is live at his home. >> reporter: he is inside his home now with his wife and they are both awake after finally getting that phone call from the nobel committee. they are doing interviews now. we are next in line to talk to him. before we do that here's the announcement from the nobel committee from just a few hours ago. >> and professor brian k.kobilka at stanford university school of medicine stanford, california usa and the academy citation rounds for studi
about the incident that killed stevens. >>> coming up at 4:42 we will have a live report from bill. >>> chances for another bay bridge are still alive. well sends it here, the oakland a's will live another day. >> they rallied and beat them 4- 3 last night and as tradition, the fun loving aides congratulated the cocoa critp. >> maybe i never loved you. an amounts fans -- a's fans hope to cheer them to victory and way done, there it goes, angle pay again. smacked three home runs to win 8-3. out of the lincoln they truck out six hitters, it trust struck out this morning pacific time. i think people might be feeling sick this morning. >> i can feel it now. i better get home. >>> good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute. traffic is moving well on 80 westbound and 5 -- 580 is there and should be gone pie 5:00. also westbound -- gone by fiv knife. 43 -- 5:00. 437, let's go to steve. >>> for others it was a warm sunny day and we are looking at it and noticing those clouds look interesting. from the sierra valley, we gave some thunder and lightning, most of it
knew chris stevens, he admired chris stevens, so, look, we want to get to the bottom of it and the first order of business is to bring to justice those who committed the heinous act and, secondly, find out what went wrong and what adjustments need to be made to further secure our diplomats around the world. >> chris: let me ask you directly, does the president take personal responsibility for the fact that repeated requests for more security were made, and were rejected and that that may have contributed to the death of those four americans? does he take personal responsibility for that? >> chris, at the to say line level the president of the united states is responsible for everything that happens under his -- on his watch. these were judgments that were made by the security folks at the state department and, of course we will review that whole process and see how those decisions are made, why those decisions were made, and, how we adjust in the future to make sure that we are giving our diplomats the maximum protection we can. the reality is, that many of these folk
. family -- stevens. family members and other dignitaries paid tribute to him. he died on september 11thth on the terror attack. they have apologized for the attack and credit the steve develops between building bridge between them and the u.s. >> his name will never be for gotten. >> he was the epitomy of that saying, it is amazing how much can be accomplished when nobody gets the credit. he had so many professional achievements. >> tom pickerring is leading the 6:00 into the benghazi attack which killed three other americans. >>> two of them promised to deliver to california schools. proposition 38 raises income tax for about 4 years. governor brown raises sales tax for four years on those making more than $250,000. prop 30 would rent rate -- generate almost 10 billion a year. >> that is enough to restore all the cuts and bring us back to a well rounded education where kids have art and physical education... >> they say it will create a $6 billion budget hole, making the problem worse before it gets better. criticism used them as leaders who spoke up for the poor. if passed people woul
, in the six months before the attack and we now know that u.s. ambassador chris stevens sent repeated memos to washington, even on the day he was killed, asking for more security. senator graham, is it conceivable that president obama didn't know how dangerous benghazi was, for americans? >> no. no administration will send the president of the united states out into the public arena, not telling him about an attack in april and june, and, tell me about the consulate attack in benghazi, what do you think about it, and the president said i don't know and i find that inconceivable. and this is going to be a case study, studied for years of a break down of national security, and, failed presidential leadership and senior members of the obama administration, failed miserably and the benghazi, libya conflict was becoming a death trap and the british left and the red cross left, because of the deteriorating security environment and we were requesting additional security and it was denied because we wanted to normalize relationships with a nonexistent government and we should have closed the consul
will host the n.l. consumer winner, steven from washington, d.c. log on to mlb.com/pepsimax for details. with one out, nobody on, the batter will be andy dirks. batting for garcia with one out, nobody on, took a ball. dirks had a great year with the bat. hit .322. pinch-hit last night. made an out. 0 for 1 in this world series and the count 1-1. 1-1, grounds to the right side and there is scutaro! two out. and the batter will be gerald laird, who is 0 for 2 tonight. scutaro, even though he's been held hitless tonight, already factored in on the relay to the plate to cut down prince fielder back in the second. >> tim: seems like yesterday. >> joe: he has shown great range at second base, as this giants team has gotten so much stronger up the middle the second half of the season with the addition of scutaro. crawford has played much better at short, and pagan is a very good defensive center fielder. that doesn't even count the guy that starts the action with the signs behind home plate, buster posey. that's a strike. it's 1-1. >> tim: when that taking was made by -- when that tag was made
the viewers are responding. >>> fbi investigating the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens, spent 12 hours at the scene of the attack. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed one month ago. attorney general eric holder said the probe has been ongoing and it took till now to visit because of security problems. >>> dedication. dedication to finish the job that they started. so now he is home. >> the final farewell to a marine, 70 years over due. >> i am back here at 5:20 p.m. cooled off today, 10-15 degrees in some places. the weekend is coming, how much cooler could it get? i will let you know. and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >>> 70 years but finally a marine was laid to rest today. miss
. >> a call to action in the investigation of the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. what they say they must do to keep officials safe over seas and the president lands in southern california. where president obama is headed on his california campaign. about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ >>> more are than a dozen pets were rescued during a house fire this afternoon about 12:20 p.m. two people inside the home got out safely and fire crews were able to put the fire out. during the fire crews pulled out a dog and 14 cats. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> there is fleet week, the giants game, 49ers, too many big events in san francisco today. that means visitors and big money for businesses. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live with
of chris stevens and threes or, they are asking what went wrong with security. >> we have got diplomats and employees around the world who are serving in dangerous places and we need to make sure that america has their back. >> there is word today at u.s. ambassador chris stevens wanted a security team to stay longer than scheduled. a official said that request never made it to the state department. >>> jerry sandusky is certain to say he is innocent as he is sentenced tomorrow, this is according to his defense attorney. he says no one else is expected to speak on behalf of jerry sandusky. he will be sentenced on 45 counts of child sex abuse. >>> still to come, the hollywood couple calling it quits, plus apple calls it a simple solution, what iphone 5 users should do to fix a problem with the camera. >> the new feature that may discourage you from buying a soda. . >>> youtube video of a brawl between two wedding parties in philadelphia. the fight broke out sunday morning and it may have involved as many as 100 people. according to some reports one man was arrested for assaulting a polic
the september 11th attack in benghazi libya. stevens grew up in the bay area and graduated from piedmont high school. that memorial was in san francisco hall rotunda. >>> and hillary rodham clinton is taking responsibility in benghazi. secretary clinton says she alone is responsible for 60,000 employees of the state department around the world. >>> what i want to avoid is some kind of political got you or blame game going on, because it does a disservice to the thousands and thousands of americans not only in the state department and in the usa d but those who search around the world. >>> they have been denying more security prior to the attack and also republicans including congressman paul ryan cut the funding for embassy security. >>> republican presidential nominee mitt romney faces a second debate in new york. we now know who will get the first question in the town hall style debate and what the latest polls show heading in tonight's debate. >>> he says he is shocked by the lack of progress by the police department. they took a step backwards falling out of compliance following a monitor
released documents showing chris stevens pleaded with his bosses at the state department for more security. they say he wrote his last cable just hours before terrorists stormed the embassy and killed him and three others. the message was labeled sensitive. in it stevens discussed growing security problems in the area and that libya's police force was to weak to protect the country. >> two real aspects. one is the events leading up to the attack and the failures there and then what clearly is either a cover up or is gross incompetence. >> back in june he signed another cable cataloging an increased number of attacks including a plan to blow up the embassy. >> today is the first anniversary of a capture and death of gadhafi. he ruled libya for four decades and forces finally toppled him last year. after being captured near his hometown he was shot dead an hour later. the lawyer representing his daughter said all those responsible for his death must be prosecuted. >> i have no doubt that he was murdered. murdered in the most brutal and horrible fashion. it's -- a matter of justice, the r
. >> and hopefully, insight curiosity to learn where the coin came from and bring our nations together. >> steven it is travel tech time. we're going to make travel less tedious for travelers. >> triple t. >> triple t tech time. don't you hate dragging your suitcase, you got it on the wheels and -- [ fast-forward ] >> a big mess. >> yes. what if your suitcase could follow you? >> like a dog. >> like a dog. it's call the the hop. it's going to drag its way on to your screen, "right this minute." >> so -- okay. so i walk somewhere. my suitcase follows me right behind? >> yep. and it's all because of the bluetooth function on your smartphone. >> here's the problem i have. this guy's walking down this empty hallway. walking through an airport terminal, 8 million people going this way and that. a, someone could pick your bag up and walk away. where'd my bag go? some dude stole it. b what if somebody walks between me and my bag and the bag stops walking and, there we go. >> tell us why it works. why you'll want one. bring in our chief luggage correspondent and tech-spert tech. hey, zach. >> what's up,
to catch an attempted robbery on a jogging trail in stevens creek. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: to give you an where we were, just steps away from the stevens creek trail. it's still dark right now. certain areas of this trail that, you know, you can't see very much. it was also dark when this attack occurred. let's take a closer look at the sketch of this man. he's described as a latino man in his mid-20s, 5'10" with medium to heavy build. he was wearing dark clothing and a dark baseball hat at the time of the attack. police say last tuesday he was approaching by another man. officers say there was a struggle and they both fell to the ground. the victim was able to get away, went home and called 911. most people we spoke to this morning didn't know about the attack. while some were alarmed, others say it won't prompt them to change their route. >> only if it becomes prevalent do i work about it. >> reporter: but you won't strange your route? >> no, not unless there's some stronger reason. >> reporter: even if there was a stronger robbery and -- strong robbery with no represent
ambassador chris stevens was killed during the september 11th attack. security officer team who was pulled weeks before the attack will testify that higher ups at the state department rebuffed his pleas for more security. >>> the man behind the antiislamic film innocence of muslims which sparked violence around the world is expected to appear in a los angeles court today. mark yusuf was convicted in 2010 of bank fraud. prosecutors want his probation revoked. they claim he lied to probation officers and uses aliases. >>> the officer that shot and killed allen blueford will not face any charges. blueford was shot during a police pursuit back in may after investigators say he pointed a gun at the officer. the family and attorney dispute that blueford had a gun. >>> 4:45 is the time. a teenager accused of attempted murder stealing a celebrity chef lamborghini will be back in court tomorrow. he is accused of a drive by shooting in april that targeted two other teenagers from mill valley. yesterday was the first day of his preliminary hearing to determine if he should stand trial. >> my client i
.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans. republicans criticize the obama administration's handling of the attack and today the republican-led house oversight committee is grilling administration officials about security at the benghazi consulate. it's believed that al qaeda- linked terrorists orchestrated the attack, possibly using a demonstration over a u.s. anti- muslim movie as cover. >>> president obama is also meeting with secretary of state, hillary clinton, this afternoon, after that congressional hearing. mr. obama is back on the job as president after a campaign swing through california and ohio. today, his campaign managers are accusing mitt romney of misleading voters about several issues including abortion. they say he's hiding more conservative views in order to attract voters. tomorrow, the president heads to florida, the largest battleground state. >> we're just gonna get the heck out of the way and let you succeed. [ cheers ] >> mitt romney continues his campaign today with the support of chris christieraise taxes on small business. i will not raise taxes
people about an attempted robbery last week on stevens creek trail. they released this sketch based on a man's description of the person he says tried to take his backpack while he was hiking on the trail a week ago today around 8:00. according to police, the man said the would-be robber came up behind him and tried to take his belongs. >> i -- belongings. >> i fear someone may call -- may come out and attack me because you can't see where any are coming from. >> police hope people will keep an eye on -- an eye out for the man, they say he's in his mid- 20s, 5'10" with a medium build. >>> yesterday morning, a man was killed in an accident. the accident happened in the 500 block of third street. the 60-year-old man was hit when a woman backed her car out of the garage. authorities have not released the victim's name. >>> ed lee and gavin newsom announced a new service this morning to help the homeless. the mayor and former mayor made the announcement that takes place five times a year. they say they are expanding the city's 8-year-old program to include an everyday connect. the expan
last night. ktvu david steven has spoke with the san francisco police sergeant who is back on patrol today after his moment in the spotlight. david. >> reporter: that performance is winning the sergeant new fans and applause from people he sees on the daily beat. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: for san francisco police sergeant jerry dar city it was the performance of his lifetime. >> there is not enough words to thank the giants for letting me do it. police officers in the city are so happy. i'm getting accolades and cops from all over the bay area. ♪ land that i love >> i don't know if they are making up for 2010. 2010 i was supposed to sing game six but they didn't make it. >> reporter: the performance at -- >> as soon as you get up to the mic all of a sudden cameras circle around you so you just thinking concentrate on the words and the notes. >> reporter: the tenors performance is -- >> we did a wonderful job. fantastic one. >> he seems like a mellow guy. >> reporter: how does da shy rate his world series performance >> >> i think like any singer, i always think i could hav
videos you can find on our website. steven has a good one. >> beth, the first thing i have to say about this, don't try this at home. a guy is juggling fire balls. what are the fire balls made out of? old rolled-up socks he set on fire. in the youtube description he said he lost most of the hair from his hands, a lot of the hair from his forearm and suffered first degree burns on his middle finger. >> why would you do this? >> which is why i say don't try this at home. >>> i've got a little video to lift your spirit. this is a video about paul ryan. this is more about his assets as a physically attractive male. >> well, it's important to be in shape. >> check out these videos at our website, rightthisminute.com 2a click on -- >> best of rtm. >>> take a look at this fire that was caught on film by winnipeg news in canada. you see black smoke, but watch. >> oh! >> it's like a volcano!yú rñ th stores fuel. this is near speedway international in winnipeg. it took more than 60 firefighters and 19 fire trucks to help get this under control. as you can imagine, the area surrounding this ware
for you. what do you have, steven? >> beth, i have a &"hling this one might actually break the internet. because super hot model and actress started a kick starter campaign about a potential sex tape. >> who would want to watch that? i'm not sure myself. >> she's asking for donations for people to watch and possibly be in her sex tape. but it's all a joke. this is from, of course, the very hilarious website funny or die.com. >> i'm glad >>fá check this out at our website, rightthisminute.com and click on -- >> best of rtm. >>> it's the rtm dummy driver of the day. this time somewhere we believe in maryland, a guy is out on a bit of a sports car cruise. can't exactly what say what they're doing is legal. a guy with dash cam here, he's flying. passes up that white truck. but if you think he's going fast, wait till you see who's behind him. >> oh! >> stupid [ bleep ]. >> oh, man. >> this guy in a nissan gtr, which, n >> it's a very fast car. >> he never had it under control. he went over in the field. >> and you saw him catch air. >> idiot. >>> supernote is -- >> brett and linc are back w
to see on the website. steven? >> a lot of people still looking for a halloween costume. one idea from the bubble gum princess. simple. it's a character from coraline, the other mother. all you need, some makeup, some old buttons, some lash glue. pretty simple stuff, and cool for moms to do this, too, out there. moms, passing out the candy. you pull this one off. cool costume, cool mom. >> i got a video without a halloween theme. my friend emily hartridge is back with ten reasons why a woman should date a younger man. >> oh. >> reasons like, the woman will always be in charge. >> i don't know if i agree with that. >> he might not know his way around things, so what you say goes. check out these videos, head to our website at rightthisminute.com and click on -- >> best of "rtm." >>> whether you're -- ding, going down, or, ding -- going up. about to get real awkward in this elevator. old friend andrew hails from lhswf is back. andrew has developed a little niche here on youtube for creating awkward scenarios. here he is just with his head in the corner. he goes to sniff a guy here -- a l
. >> and then you got to program it so here's the controller. >> so easy, steven. >> i barely had time to get a costume together. this guy made a tetris pumpkin. >> i would like to play with this for a long time. >> it's cool that you're using the actual pumpkin stem to control the tetris block. >> i like the one with the flames. >>> that's it for us here at "rtm,"
bonus video time, videos you can find on our website. steven that the first one. >> the hilarious jenna is back debunking all the theories of love we learned about the move. for example, not so cool to do an upside down kiss like they do it in spider-man. >> do it one time in your life. let's not do that again. >> the guys from bad lip-reading are back. this time paul ryan is their victim, vice presidential candidate for the republican. these are all videos from paul ryan's video diary. >> look at them 40 pieces while sipping soda and we'll sing chicago. >> head over to our website, rightthisminute.com and click on. >> best of rtm. >>> at number six, everyone in the pool. >> i have a couple of videos from across the pond and uk. this one i'm sure you've not seen before. this is a man being dragged out of a pool by two fully dressed uniformed police officers. >> did he fall asleep while swimming? >> apparently he was causing a nuisance in the pool. he reportedly was screaming at kids swimming around because they were splashing water. sounds like maybe he had a temper. >> you know the cop
the chewbecky form. >> steven, i have found the perfect way for you to pick up the ladies at the bar with some science. >> science? >> science is going to get the girls? that's it. >> yeah. >> this is from our friend at household hacker. >> let's turn whiskey. >> water. well sort of. >> why? >> to impress the ladies. already told you. >> i'll do anything. we start with two shot glasses. you fill one to the brim with water, one to the brim with whiskey. and then here comes the tricky part. take a piece of paper or card board and put it over the water or shot glass, flip it over, the glass on top of the whiskey shot glass. >> slowly move the card a bit in and open up the small slit between the glasses. >> there could be some trickle down from the water to the whiskey. >> this is going to be a density experiment that's going to blow your mind. >> all right. >> see what's happening. >> the water is going down into the whiskey. >> and the whiskey goes up where the water was. that's why this is a density experiment. >> see, the water is heavier than the alcohol so it sinks to the bottom of the two g
up and go, this isn't about the hit-and-run last saturday, is it? >> what a great prank. >>> steven, neither one of us are married, but i've been told there's benefits to being married. allegedly. this, i think, is probably one of the best benefits. it's a quick tutorial on -- >> how to open a beer bottle with your ring. >> very short video. all you have to do, hook your wedding ring underneath your finger up underneath the bottle cap, put your finger over top. >> i feel like i may have seen this trick. you can pop it and then drink it in one swoop. >> benefits to being married. we found one. >>> stand up. where your mon beis video is a re-enactment of an actual event. seth was chilling in his home when all the sudden a robber came in with a gun. once the robber left, he left behind only the case of the iphone. as he was looking at this case, he had one of those ah-ha moments. >> of all the things i could have done differently to prevent myself from becoming a victivictim - victim victim -- >> and realized maybe the iphone case could be used as a protective guys. basically, it's a s
again where we tell you about a bonus video you can find on our website. steven's got the video. >> someone created the exorcism of honey boo boo. it's pretty scary, but i've got to think honey boo boo's hilarious, no matter what she does. >> head to our website and click on -- >> best of "rtm." >>> sometime was you're 4, your dad doesn't let you stay up to watch the end of the baseball game, even when that baseball game is game seven of the nlcs between your favorite team the cardinals amend the san francisco giants. >> it's late. we're going to go to bed. we'll see what happens. we'll wake up in the morning and see what happens. >> but, dad, the game will be over. >> this is little cy, it was the fifth inning. dad sam said, you've got to go to bed, man. past your bedtime. but the cardinals were losing. >> he said, but they're going to lose. they're not going to make the world series. >> they're not going to go to the world series, dad. >> oh! >> dad has to break the tough news we all have to learn sometime. >> not everybody guess to go to the world series. >> and -- i hate thi
the buzzword on our facebook page. >> all right. steven. >> today's buzzword is sunshine. now, head over to facebook.com, forward slash "right this minute" and click on the win an ipad button. >> and then you enter the buzzword, which is sunshine, s-u-n-s-h-i-n-e. for your chance to win an ipad 3, and remember, we're giving away another ip ipad tomorrow. >>> a famous comic book inspiration for a dyi halloween mask. it's simple. find out what you need to make this face take >>> did you guys know man can walk on water? >> no. >> i did not know that. >> the red bull sky dive deteam went off to austria, and they spin their chute around 500 feet above ground, pick up speed and -- hon negligently, if you were there by this water, you'd think these guy, coming in for a crash landing. >> yeah. >> but it's not. one of them, he can extend his swoop about 500, 600 feet, just skim across the surface of the water. >> it looks like water ballet for a few seconds there. ♪ >> as they skim across. one guy did a little spin on his toe almost. >> this one particular shot is truly walking on water. watch
, you idiot. it's over here. >>> steven, i'm just going to call this heebie jeebie tech time. this is from chile. did you though that if you take a leg off of a cockroach it will regenerate another leg? >> oh, like the -- well, yeah. a lot of weird animals do that. >> this cockroach didn't feel any leg removal pain. >> because everyone cares about the well being of cockroaches. >> then they used technology to hook this cockroach leg to the human brain. >> can you move the leg? cockroach correspondentin our expert zach. hey, zach. explain exactly what's going on here. they put this device on this guy's head and then he can control the cockroach leg? >> exactly. right now they can move the leg to the left. they can move it to the right, and they can make it curl. >> what would this be used for? >> there are some possibilities for this like maybe prosthetic limbs. this is a lot different because right now they're not connecting it to anything robotic. they're actually connecting it to a real muscle, which is interesting. >> they have another project that's pretty crazy mind cont
retrieve that ring. if he was a really good best man. >>> steven it is time for another edition of technology from the moon. >> it is. that you might find in your home. >> i love this segment. >> the movie "paranormal activity 4" just opened. i'm too scared to eastern watch the trailer. one scene people are chatting about online. it's this scene right here. the kids are in the family room playing. >> the kinects, what how they see. this is how they find the paranormal. >> you can actually use your kinect in this way in your home. we have folks who tried it. watch this. they turn on their infrared camera -- >> it works. >> right. >> in your home. >> is that what it's supposed to do, though? >> let's find out. we have our kinect-sperts here to weigh in. hey there, zach. >> hey, dude. >> this is pretty cool. what exactly is going onhere? >> the kinect uses this ifrared ight to s what it doesn't, this grid of red light and detects how long it takes for the light to reflect off of you or what's in the room, and you and i can tell how far away we are. >> what you need to do this at ho
lottery ticket. >> two men have been detained in connection with the killing of ambassador chris stevens. graduated from uc berkeley in 82. the two were stopped at an airport on wednesday. turkish police haven't commented on the report. the september 11th attack killed stevens and three other americans. >>> in australia, hundreds of firefighters are battling massive brushfires. 40 fires have been reported as hot and windy conditions are spanning the flames. bracing themselves for one of the worst brushfire seasons in years. >> hundreds of people in liver pool, england marked the 50th anniversary of the beatles first big song. got to number 17 on the british music charts and puts the group on the map. hit in 1964. working on the song when they were teenagers. >> a global fashion retailer cut the ribbon today on first west coast store in san francisco. >> hundreds of fashion lovers joined the mayor and the founder of unique this morning for the grand opening of the japanese clothing store. more than 1100 stores worldwide and officials say this new store in san francisco will be hiring 500
.s. ambassador chris stevens is said to take place at san francisco's city hall. stevens was one of those four americans killed during the september 11th attack on that consulate in libya. the bay area native was 52 years old. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 4:15 and will be followed by a two hour reception. >>> we are learning more tonight about a south bay woman suspected in a series of neighborhood arsons. 56-year-old sundelias was arrested on saturday. that's when witnesses say they saw her setting a fire to a garbage can. it turns out the suspect lives in the complex and neighbors tell us they are shocked. >> we kind of suspected it was a neighbor. >> not her. >> never her. >> why not? >> she was always very concerned. >> reporter: neighbors also tell us the woman and a partner are known for putting on fourth of july fireworks shows in gilroy. sundelius was released on bail this morning. >>> dozens who lost their home are now suing their former landlord. they claim that they knew about conditions before the fire last november. that apartment complex was located at the corner of hast
smugglers. >>> oakland police say steven buggs seen here shot and killed 34-year-old lester young. buggs reportedly believed young was having an affair with his girl friend while he was in prison. >>> the father of a teenager who was shot by police in june has filed a lawsuit against police. the 14-year-old was killed after he was shot by police. a scuffle ensued after a gun fell out of his waistband. the lawsuit alleges the shooting was the result of racial profiling by police. >>> in news of the world tonight in columbia, six police officers were killed in an ambush. officials say they suspect rebels were responsible. the government and rebels just started peace talking aimed at ending the fighting that has gone on for some 50 years now and killed tens of thousands of people. >>> in switzerland, ubs has announced it is cutting 5,000 jobs and 3,000 of them are in connecticut. this comes after 500 jobs were cut last year. ubs also announced losses in the third quarter. the bank has been trying to come back after bad investments and a trading scandal. >>> in japan a government audit shows
the state leaders top mourn him today ♪ >> hundreds turned out for a member service honoring chris stevens' life and work. coming up at 8:00, how family and friends remember his professional and personal accomplishes. >>> there was a 4.2 magnitude quake in maine. it was felt as far away as connecticut. >> i was eating and i felt the door shake in his frame. >> it was bouncing on the table. >> it's the strongest earthquake. 7:35 is the 23rd anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. that quake hit the bay area at 5:04 p.m. it happened on october 17th, 1989 and 63 people were killed. most of the victims died when the cypress freeway in oakland collapsed. a 50-foot section of the bay bridge also collapsed and dozens of homes were damaged. >>> now, tomorrow, 9 million people all over california are due to take part in the great california shakeout earthquake drill. they will practice dropping, cogger, and holding on -- covering and holding on. >> when there is a large earthquake at a distance from where you are but the energy is coming to you. you can get a warning to shut down. you might -- t
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